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Do any of these look familiar? Yes, our fitness group participates in these three exercises to help build up our core.

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CCF Member Appreciation-Julie D. Give us a little background about yourself. My parents were missionaries, so I grew up overseas (West Africa and Russia). My family and I moved to South Carolina the summer before I started high school. That was a very difficult transition and time for me, during which I developed an eating disorder. I started working out a lot and being very strict with my diet, because I wanted to be skinny and was terrified of gaining weight. After I graduated, I moved to Charleston to attend Charleston Southern University. During those four years, God really worked on my heart and allowed a lot of healing physically and spiritually – He completely turned my life around in that time and saved me from the destructive path I was heading down. God has changed the way I view health, fitness, and my body and I am so grateful for that! CrossFit has helped redefine that view even more, because they celebrate and encourage strong, healthy, and fit women! How did you hear about CCF? I heard about it through my older brother, Steve, who started going to CCF a few months before I did. CrossFit was definitely something that intimidated me, but when I heard he had started and was really enjoying it, it inspired me to try it out, too! What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? A lot of people don’t know that I spent 12 years of my childhood living in Africa and Russia while my parents were missionaries. I love traveling and experiencing other cultures! I’ve visited several other places, as well, including Thailand, Jordan, Belgium, and France. I also love anything adventurous and adrenaline-filled – I went skydiving for my 22nd birthday and absolutely loved it! What music can we find currently playing in your car? I like a variety of music, but I’ve had Hillsong’s Young and Free cd on repeat lately – it’s very uplifting and encouraging! What current things are you working toward when it comes to your health, training, career or personal life? My main goal is to continue working on improving my strength and endurance. I would also like to get better at Olympic weight lifting movements, be able to do a muscle-up one day, and even start entering CrossFit competitions! I have a passion for people and health and fitness, so my dream is to make it a career one day, if that is the Lord’s will. Tell us about your most memorable workout from CCF. I would have to say the first two open workouts of this year. I was not planning on signing up for the open, because it was new and a bit intimidating to me. However, Luke and Andy convinced me to sign up last-minute and I’m so glad they did – I’ve done better at the workouts than I thought I would and it’s been a lot of fun! Greatest accomplishment – Being able to PR my clean and jerk in 15.1 and doing 60 kipping pull-ups in 15.2 (after having just learned them a couple days before) were so exciting for me! Just seeing how far God has helped me come since high school has been a blessing! What would you tell someone who is interested in Training with CCF? I would tell them to do it – they will not regret it! It’s fun, challenging, and makes you stronger and improves your fitness more than you would have ever thought! The coaches are very knowledgeable and encourage you to do your best and continue to get better, while keeping your safety in mind. It’s also just a great, uplifting community of people!

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“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. ” Psalm 118:24 (Mrs. Jeannie’s favorite verse) Since we are in the Open all fighting for reps, the new PR, or the first time you did say a chest to bar, I wanted to share something to keep things in perspective for you and remind you that the Open does not define you and neither does your score. Your score just reflects who you are in that moment and nothing more. There will be workouts where you do great and you’re super excited and ones where you feel like you should have done better. But the truth is, when are we just thankful of the opportunity to compete in the Open because we are alive, well and enjoy the torture to some degree. When I say torture I mean the nervousness you get each week waiting for the new WOD to be released, where it will put you, can you even do it, or what body part will ache for a while after the WOD. You get the picture….. In order to keep things in perspective for you, I wanted to share some information about another CCF member this year who would love to be doing the Open with us, but instead she is not fighting for every rep or a PR, she is fighting to beat pancreatic cancer. I spoke to Mrs. Jeannie this week and once again she makes me strive to be a better person. She had the most positive attitude and she is ready to fight this disease with all she’s got. She is prepared for the ups and downs, but she has a strong sense of faith in who she is and who God is. When you speak to someone who has gotten cancer, have you ever noticed the trivial things in life are no longer important, they see the bigger picture of life that most of us miss because we are so busy with day to day activities. We have become so busy we forget to enjoy things like we once did and we often take for-granted our time and those around us. We tend to forget to appreciate all that is around us and our focus is on all the distractions. After speaking to her, I wanted to capture all that she stated and put it on instant replay for myself daily. With that being stated, here is what Mrs. Jeannie wanted me to share with you guys because her goal is to get back in the gym so she remains physically and mentally strong in her battle. She also stated how much she missed the people. She was very clear that she appreciated the people around here and missed everyone. “Since discovering I had cancer, my focus has become very on point with what matters in life and what I need to do to beat this disease. I have been able to see to the blessings of having cancer and I am going to do my best to help find a cure for it. I plan to get back in the gym so I can remain strong. Oh and I can’t have any sugar, because cancer loves sugar. Over the next 24 weeks, I will be getting chemo for 7 hours the first day and a few the next two. During that time, I plan to pray, do some reading, and mediate/relax.” Blessings and having a disease normally don’t go hand in hand, but her attitude and willingness to commit to fight this disease, says it all. We know she’s a fighter and we have no doubt she will have an impact on those that come in contact with. But her gift of being thankful in the midst is where you realize she is something special. For you she knows there will be ups and downs and she also knows those moments don’t define her. Her steadiness that lies within her faith is what will capture the hearts of many and will renew her mind through it all. Mrs. Jeannie, CCF is behind you all the way and we love having you apart of our community! We plan to support you and aid you in this battle as much as we can. But most of all we are grateful for your gentle reminder to us “Be still, and know that I am God”(Psalm 46:10) and for reminding us to focus on the bigger picture of life. For those of you doing the Open, I encourage you to stop and take a moment to be grateful for where you are. PR’s and Set-backs don’t define you, who you are in the midst of those PR’s and set-backs, now that defines you–we need to be gracious winners and losers, but most of all we need to be thankful for both. Be thankful and let’s appreciate those who are next to us. You never know who you will impact in either stage of your life—HOPE and THANKFULNESS are two really good things to have in life! So be thankful and rejoice in the day! Challenges for this week: 1) Let one person around you that you haven’t seen today, tell them you miss then and then let them know why. Allow them to see the value you have in them. 2) Say thank you to someone who has encouraged you to do better or be better. 3) Take time to reflect on the things you are thankful for and write them down and place them in a spot you can see daily. Everyone needs reminders of where their focus should truly be. Carolina CrossFit

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Don’t forget to SPRING FORWARD tonight! We get it…..Not excited to lose an hour of sleep!

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Get your roll on…….

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Why should I consider scheduling an Unloading week in my crossfit training? There are a number of benefits to scheduling an unloading period for a wide range of athletes. When working to unload, or deload, it’s important to reduce workout intensity. This can be achieved by using lighter weights or reduced volume (sets) as well as a combination of both. Scheduling is another important factor to consider. Crossfit beginners may have the ability to work out for 12 weeks before a scheduled unloading period becomes necessary. However, intermediate lifters should aim for unloading every 8 weeks. By allowing your body to heal and rebuild through active recovery, there is potential for greatly reducing muscle trauma with proper unloading. This enables more effective recovery with ample potential for “supercompensation,” delivering much greater gains in strength long-term. #ColumbiaSCfitness #unloading #Crossfit

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Branson D. has signed up for the 2015 CrossFit Open! Have you signed up yet? What are you waiting for???? We want you on our CCF Silverback Team! ***Checkout Branson’s shirt as he does great things around the World!! We are proud of this young man for sharing the gospel as well as serving others.

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Who is your gym buddy? Do you have someone at the gym that keeps you accountable or that you enjoy working out with? We want to hear from you!!

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ACF – March 27, 2015

Kristy Parrish published the post Coaching Roundtable: CrossFit Open 15.5 Tips & Advice on Tabata Times
Time to close out this year's Open with a bang and finish strong. Every single week has been a...
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15.5 tomorrow let's finish Strong! #crossfit #southtahoecrossfit #neverquit #keeptahoecrossfit #thatswhatshesaid #thatbooty #nevereverquit

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OneStepAtaTime #crossfit #stcf #getoutside with @tahoetaj #AdventureWod #southtahoecrossfit #neverquit #keeptahoecrossfit #nevereverquit

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Mark your calendars! CFA's 4th Anniversary Party is coming up on Saturday, April 18th at Casa De Kosler. The fun starts at 6pm with dinner, drinks, music and great friends. Swimming optional. BYOB.

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Alright FNL Athletes!! Here's how tomorrow is going to work. Without a time cap on this workout, it's hard to know heat times. So, the first heat will start at 5:30 like normal. Then I will put people in designated heats, but without a specific start time. My guess is that each heat will take around 20 minutes so you can keep that in mind. But please understand that start times will not be posted or definite!! So, who NEEDS to be in a "later" or "earlier" heat? Or who will not be there at all?

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Training 150327 Open Workout 15.5 27-21-15-9 reps for time: Row (Calories) Thrusters, 95#/65# Post results to comments.

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03/27 WOD MetCon: **BENCHMARK** “Jackie” Row 1ooom 50 Thrusters (45#) 30 Pull Ups The post 03/27 WOD appeared first on Crossfit Echelon.

CrossFit Echelon posted an article
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CrossFit Avalanche, CrossFit Blizzard - CrossFit CrossFit Games Open 15.5 (Time) For Time: 27 Calorie Row 27 Thrusters, 95# / 65# 21 Calorie Row 21 Thrusters, 95# / 65# 15 Calorie Row 15 Thrusters, 95# / 65# 9 Calorie Row 9 Thrusters, 95# / 65#

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T-Minus two days until trip of a lifetime round 3!

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Mel T. Is adding a little elegance to her 15.5 @crossfitgames #CrossFitRedding #crossfit #wod #15point5 #theopen

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We're rowing and thrustering for 15.5!!!

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Roseville eagerly awaits 15.5!

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Golden State Games is right around the corner and we are still finalizing up our volunteer list! Please comment on this post if you are interested in volunteering. You will receive complimentary Rooted Coffee :)

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One hour until 15.5 is announced and we watch Sam, Camille and Annie face off! What are your guesses for the final workout of the 2015 Open?

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Kids classes are coming next week for Spring Break! Monday 3/30, wednesday 4/1, and friday 4/3 all 1:15-2:00 ages 6-10. Cost is $20/child/class ($15/class if attending more than one). Comment here with your child's name, age and what day they will be attending. I will be looking for at least 6 kids to make the class happen! :-)

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Get your vote in and help us defend our title as the area's Best CrossFit!

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#tbt to the Junior Nationals @haileelollar @oliviaastimpel with that big finishing pull. @hookgrip took these great shots #olympicweightlifting #usaw #weightlifting #reddingbarbellclub

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Raul ensures that 11am class is properly warmed up... #letmerest #CrossFitRedding #crossfit #wod

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TBT -- remember when old tires were fun? (Just kidding: they still are.)

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Friday Night Lights and Barbecue tomorrow starting at 5:30! BYOMeat to grill and drinks.

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TBT Remember when old tires were fun?

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Hi all! Please join us this Saturday after the morning classes for a NSCF-community BBQ to celebrate the finale of the Crossfit Open! We'll be starting around 11:30am and going until whenever. Bringing a side dish is optional and please BYOB. Hope to see you here!

nellstephenson published the post Paleo Cocktail Sauce on Nutrition WOD
[yumprint-recipe id='144']
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15.5 is upon us! It has been an awesome time participating in the Open with our friends at Systematic Crossfit! They will not be joining in the workout tomorrow but will be coming by to support us and cheer us on! Let's do the same on Saturday, from 12-2pm, and support and cheer for them as they do 15.5! They are having a potluck to celebrate so bring something delicious to share! What do you think 15.5 is going to be?!?!?! Announcement in 6 hours!

nellstephenson published the post Fajitas! on
[yumprint-recipe id='145']
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15.5 will be announced at 5pm - tell us your thoughts on what you think itll be! Or what you've figured out it to be haha

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Some squat therapy tips from CrossFit Invictus.

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Thursday is thruster day!

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630 pm tonight!! Free community Yoga!! Come, stretch, and get a great session in! Bring a friend!

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Great job on the check-ins everyone!

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Reminder: CSA bags from Rio De Parras Organics will be delivered at the gym today between 11:15 and 11:45!

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3/26/15 **Don’t forget the Potluck this weekend on Saturday after the 9:30 workout. Bring a dish to pass

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Getting Thursday started right! #crossfitready #readyfitness #sixamrocks #getfit #getstrong…

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Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can~Unknown #crossfitcampbell

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ACF – March 26, 2015

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THURSDAY 3/26/15: WARM UP 6 minutes of jump rope work on different footwork patterns for 3 minutes speed rope for 3 minutes 20 min AMRAP (reps) 3-6-9-12-15-18-21 wall balls 20/14 box jumps 24/20 double unders Extra Credit bar muscle up skill work

candra posted on
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Workout of the Day 3/26/15 Strength: Performance - Back Squat 3RM Fitness - Back Squat 3 @ 8, 3 @ 9, 1 drop set (95%) Conditioning: In teams of 2 or 3: 3 Rounds 400m Sand Bag Carry 20 Step Ups 30 Air Squats 40 Lunges Time Cap: 20 mins 10 Burpee Penalty for dropping sand bag Extra Work: Run 6 x 200 m sprint, 400 m easy

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Kristy Parrish published the post Michael Macartney: Playing by the Rules on
“I started off small but then it took on a life of its own. It grew bigger and bigger. I thought...
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CrossFit Danville posted an article
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Thursday CrossFit WOD Step 1) Mobilize and warm up Step 2) Hill Run (get an approx 4 mile run in and enjoy this beautiful weather. Wear your sunscreen, put on some great tunes, figure out some of life's issues, and burn off some bad stuff with good friends.) Step 3) Mobilize, stretch, active recovery.

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I don't know if it is the Stubbie's, but Ryan S looks like a cheetah. 5:15 engaging those shoulders and killing the shuttle run.

Hilary Wiebe published the post 15.4: Are we there yet? on
By Hilary Wiebe Anyone else suffering from Open Fatigue yet? I can't tell you how many...
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Juliet & Kelly Starrett are featured in The CrossFit Journal, discussing the benefits of standing desks in schools! #standforkids #suppleleopard #sittingisthenewsmoking #activeforlife #mobility #sfcf

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Have you had a stressful week at work? Come relax in our yoga class at 630pm. Open to the community. Call 209-827-3300 for more details. #yoga #crossfitvalleyview #relax #losbanos #dospalos #zen

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They say when CHP goes on a diet they grab a scone instead of a donut...tag a service man to ask if this is true? Better alternative rolled oat blueberry cookie, instead of flour use mashed bananas.

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Heads up gang! Plumbing has officially been shutoff, so if you plan on coming to class today, please use the bathroom before you get here. There is a toilet for emergency use in front by the parking lot. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing, but hopefully we will never have to deal with a sewage spill again. #crossfit808 #plumbingproblems #atleastitsbeautifuloutside #luckywelivehawaii